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Below you can find Stats NZ’s information releases for the next week. For more information about these releases go to Insights and make your selections in the drop-down options.

12 May 2022
Employment indicators: Weekly as at 9 May 2022
View recent employment indicators releases

Food price index: April 2022
View recent food price index releases

Rental price indexes: April 2022
View recent rental price indexes releases

International migration: March 2022
View recent international migration releases

International travel: March 2022
View recent international travel releases

16 May 2022
Births and deaths: Year ended March 2022
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Māori population estimates: Mean year ended 31 December 2021
View recent Māori population estimates releases

National population estimates: At 31 March 2022
View recent national population estimates releases

18 May 2022
Local authority financial statistics: Year ended June 2021
View recent local authority financial statistics releases

Other releases

18 May 2022
New Zealand activity index (NZAC) – includes April 2022 data
View the recent New Zealand activity index update

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The release calendar is updated six months ahead, but dates may change due to events related to COVID-19.

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